Ominvest Exchanges Governance Insights in a Forum in Salalah

Oman International Development and Investment Co. SAOG (Ominvest), the leading investment company in the Sultanate of Oman listed in the Muscat Stock Exchange, participated in an insightful Forum titled “Strategic Project Management within the Concept of Good Governance” organized by the References for Conferences and Seminars Center, Salalah in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour.

The Forum served as a platform for governance experts and professionals within the Sultanate and abroad to engage and exchange experiences and ideas, and further explore progressive approaches to governance across different industries and sectors. The Forum also touched upon the effects of good governance in relation to strategic project management and sustainable development.

Sarah Lashkoo, Chief Legal Officer and Company’s Secretary at Ominvest, was the natural choice to represent Ominvest at this Forum as an accredited governance expert, in addition to her extensive experience in the governance domain. Sarah shared Ominvest’s experience that stems from its pledge to uphold the highest standards of governance and transparency in all its investments and operations.

Sarah Lashkoo commented that “The Forum was a chance to showcase the company's experience in the field of governance from a publicly listed investment company perspective. We shared our experiences, success stories and best practices in the investment-decision process in terms of governance, ESG and sustainability”.

Lashkoo added “It was a great opportunity for us to actively participate in the Forum and exchange governance knowledge with a diverse group of specialists and experts. We believe that engaging in such dynamic platforms is instrumental for all stakeholders”.

On the occasion, AbdulAziz Mohammed Al Balushi, Group CEO, Ominvest, commented that the company's vision is focused on enhancing its presence as a leading investment company that works to invest wisely in terms of governance in various sectors, locally and abroad. “Ominvest is committed to maintaining governance and ESG standards and is determined to implement them across its businesses, due to their importance in maximizing gains and achieving sustainability for all stakeholders as well as customers” he explained.

He added that Sarah Lashkoo’s participation in this Forum confirms the company’s dedication to developing the skills of its people, through participation in various events. This further reaffirms the Company’s commitment to empower women and see them excel in all their endeavors.

Ominvest is one of the oldest, highly successful and largest investment firms in the region. Founded in 1983, it has been consistently profitable and has an enviable track record of uninterrupted dividend payments to shareholders.