Executive Management

OMINVEST’s executive management team enjoys extensive international experience. They embody our corporate values and purpose, showing high sense of agency and strong dedication to enhancing value for all Stakeholders.



AbdulAziz Al Balushi
Group CEO

Senior Executive Management

Shahid Rasool
Group President - International Business
| Deputy CEO
Sanjay Kawatra
Group President - Regional Business
Anwar Al Jabri
Group President - Investment Banking | CEO - Jabreen Capital

Executive Management

Nasser Al Shibli
EVP - Real Estate | General Manager - Oman Real Estate Investment Services (ORIS)
Badar Al-Shanfari
EVP - Int’l Strategic Business | Deputy CEO - EastBridge
Hamid Al Harthi
EVP - Risk Management & Investor Relations
Muneer Al Mughairy
EVP - Chief Audit Executive

Board Secretary

Sarah Lashkoo
Company Secretary and Head of Legal and Compliance